Draft Your Content Calendar Effectively

Covering the basics of social media, you will want to make sure you create a detailed content calendar. If you are not sure what a content calendar is, that is okay. A content calendar should break down when, where, how, and on what platform you post to consistently. If this is your first blog, jump on over to the blog “Draft Your Schedules Today” to see why a content calendar is essential.


A content calendar is a vital organizational resource every business should be utilizing. Your social media is a hypothetical employee in your company. They bring you business; they help make potential clients aware of the services and products you provide. The content calendar is the social media’s schedule. Therefore, if your social media doesn’t have a schedule, it will never show up to work and ultimately cost you profit in the long run.

Our definition of a content calendar is the document that assigns or designates specific content to be posted on a particular date and time.

Posting flow

Within the content calendar, there should be a posting flow established. If there are inconsistencies, the response could be detrimental to your overall reach. However, when your content is seamless and there is continuity, the difference is night and day. Furthermore, posting consistently and consecutively is the only way to captivate your target audiences and increase your views. Engagement can mean many different things, such as; likes, shares, direct messages, emails, etc.

Being consistent also means having content your target audience wants to see. Post by post, you will see growth and engagement. As a result, you will see improvements in your overall SEO score, which can drive sales when done correctly.

Things to Do’s

You should post about nationally recognized holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years. It is always great to let your clients, viewers, and target audience to know what you support. However, keep in mind that you should be aware your engagement is forecasted to be lower during this time. The reason why your engagement may be low during this time could be that people are busy. During the holidays, people are traveling or spending time with their family or loved ones rather than scrolling through social media. The way to get ahead of that is by posting a couple of days before or acknowledging the holiday afterward.

Something to keep in mind, during this time selling a commodity or product is sometimes more tricky if you plan to do a social media campaign during the holiday.  You have to watch when and where you are spending those advertising dollars and if you should or should not participate in these nationally known sales holidays such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.   

Plan to Promote

You have already invested the time into creating and producing quality content therefore, you should be utilizing a small or large budget to promote your posts. If you are working with a more modest budget, watch your posts and how they are doing with your target market. Don’t be afraid to give a well-performing post a boost or promotion. Promoting or boosting can be done with as little as $3. You can reach the right people with the organic posts, but adding a monetary amount behind it in add dollars can turn a great post into a world-changing post.

When we say promote/boost, we mean using the algorithms that the social media platforms have put into the technical design of how your content reaches the market. This is a form of targeting the specific demographic, geographic, or psychographic you are trying to reach. 

Post Ratio Strategy

3:1 Rule

3:1 is the golden rule for your post ratio. This means you should post three non-promotional post to one promotional post.

Non-Promotional vs. Promotional

If you are still having trouble or need a bit more guidance we would love to help. Please do not hesitate to get into contact with us! We are here to help you be a success at what you do best!

When you incorporate real people having fun into your posts as well as displaying quality content, you are instilling a sense of trust within your target audience. If you stick with the rough ratio of three non-promotional posts to one promotional post, you will see an increase in engagement. 

Quality Over Quantity

Quality is by far the most important of the content portion of your content calendar. As a result, your grammar, punctuation, as well as spelling, have got to be the utmost pristine and fluid, so your viewers have no confusion when streaming or viewing your content. Your imagery must be clean, as well, and clear of over pixelated photos or videos. If it’s not pleasing to the eye, why would you look at it? There are plenty of free images out there and there are plenty of directions you can go to gather content for your social media. UGC or “user-generated content” is a prevalent form of gathering images or testimonials directly from your clients or users of your product or service.

If you are still having trouble or need a bit more guidance we would love to help. Please do not hesitate to get into contact with us! We are here to help you be a success at what you do best!

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