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Hashtags are cool and hip because all the kids are using them right? Wrong. They are valuable to your social media marketing plan. Hashtags are a new tool that can be used to help people searching for companies like yours, when used in the right way. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about the complicated world of hashtags.


What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social networks; hashtags let users apply dynamic, user-generated tagging that helps other users easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Basically this is a tool that makes your social media more accessible to the audience you are trying to reach.


There are multiple reasons why but this goes without saying. Using hashtags on the correct platforms can increase your reach and boost engagement. What good is posting on any platform if you cannot reach potential new customers? That is the whole point of creating an online and social presence. Do more than just keep up with current customers, find new ones.


Let’s be real. You don’t want to do this when you are commenting or replying to a customer per because that may seem insincere or like a robot did it but using these in your post is a big boost that costs you NOTHING.

Additionally, it does not matter if you post hashtags in your main post or post them as a comment, they broaden the search just as equally! The only reason to not use hashtags in your original post is so you don’t clutter your original post with hashtags which causes that pesky “see more…” button to show and let’s be honest. The amount of people who click “see more…” is decreasing by the day. People want fast and simple.


Where should you use hashtags? The social media platforms that have the highest use of hashtags are Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A common social media that has been highlighted for using hashtags but really doesn’t generate sorted content well is Facebook. Not every social media platform will work for every business. Make sure you are paying attention to which post are driving the largest amount of impression and traffic to your accounts and webpages.

#rules to follow

A good ratio to follow is to only use about 9-12 hashtags. Dot not just use random words that you think look nice or add some flare to the post. They are used to connect with auidences and should be researched on what works best for your business like any other business strategy. If possible, post the mojority of them in the comments, do not clutter up your post. Avoid using hashtags when replying to customers or in personal messages to anyone. It is about creating search value, not personal relationships.

Doing your research is just as important as using hashtags. Take your time. This is a great way to dive deeper into your business and get to it better. Research is used to expanded your business and create a stronger front. Hashtags can do that for you. Social media is an employee, let it work for you. 

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