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Creating a social media platform to market to your clients is a tough task. Rebranding your social media can be a confusing and dynamic process as well. Which platform should you be on? What time of day should you post? How frequently should you post? Should you change how you have been posting? Social media is tricky and ever-changing, but being adaptable and doing your research will be of the utmost importance in your social media platform adventure. 

Steps in the Right Direction

The first thing you should do is create a content calendar or marketing schedule. If you are unsure of what this is, please view our content calendar blog and get caught up. Having a clear description of what you are posting, where you are posting it, and at what time you should post is very important. There should also be a goal for each post. If the post does not have a purpose, you should not be posting. The purpose can be as small as gaining exposure and educating potential customers, to gaining 10,000 new customers from one post. It is important to know your goal to create an appropriate post.

When you are posting, there should be a theme present. A theme for social media means the feeling or vibe you are trying to portray through your postings. It is important that your theme reflects your company and goals. You should do a mix of graphic text images and visual images of people or products. Posting too many graphic text images consecutively will hurt your overall impact. Being able to be flexible will help to create a ratio that will be successful for your business. A great example is LeesaSleep’s Instagram.


An example of a social media instagram page featuring text images and real customers.

They had a campaign that ran for roughly one month, which switched between pictures of people enjoying their product to customer testimonials as graphic text images.

You can see the neutral whites with a little pop of color here and there. Their theme colors are spot on with their brand logo, but this should not be the theme or process you use forever. The intermixed text graphics with visual images isn’t the theme they wanted to keep doing forever. Adapting and staying relevant is a great thing you must continuously do.

An example of a social media page that features customers and services.

They took the momentum they had and changed it up by doing a more visual dock with more use of the Instagram platform by using videos as well as carousel photo catalogs to create a new theme and a more relaxing feel for the audience’s pleasure. Change is good!

Platform 9 ¾

What platform should you use? Just because Harry Potter struggled to find the right platform doesn’t mean you should. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the top favorite platforms used by most companies when creating an online presence. If your budget permits, Snapchat and Youtube are great platforms that take a little bit more management and behind the scenes work to be successful.

It is important to focus on the platforms that your audience is attracted to. For example: a younger crowd is more drawn to Twitter and Instagram where an older demographic is more attracted to Facebook. Your social media platforms and use will vary based on your audience and company needs.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to the time of day you should post, be sure to keep in mind when your target market is going to be the most accessible to see it. There are dozens of articles out there, and no two companies are alike. When you should post should be tactical and as always ever-changing. Posting on Tuesday one week can be completely different from posting on Tuesday the next month. 


The best way to get a leg up and not be overwhelmed with your posts piling upon you is to schedule them ahead of time. There are multiple social media management apps and websites out there that can help you with this. Examples are:

The steps to take when setting up your social media management account are crucial and should be taken seriously when choosing the right application. Read through the third party hosts terms and policy, so you do not run the risk of it being their property. Something to keep in mind is that most of the free versions limit you to (usual) three account platforms in which they will post on before you have to upgrade or will restrict the use of the in-app tools.

Once you do have a steady following and a good process in place, it may be time to pay the extra and upgrade so you can fully manage your social media and all the platforms under one roof.

Never Forget

Just posting pictures is NOT enough. Tell people about your social media and your online presence. Get people to follow you by word-of-mouth. Talk about it, scream about it, sing about it. Tell your friends to tell their friends about it!

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