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Being a business owner often means you are on the go and do not always have your laptop open to your Facebook business page all day. That is okay! There are some great things that you can do from your phone to stay active and still participate in social media. Of course, we will always recommend planning as much as possible. For the business owner on the go, here are your essential Facebook mobile social media tips.

Download the Facebook Page Manager App

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Start by getting the Facebook Pages Manager app. This allows you to control your page at your fingertips. It will give you separate notifications from your Facebook app to this app versus getting mixed in with any personal notifications. This will be key to making sure you see everything that happens with your social media.

Use this as a separate way to track your Facebook business page. A huge mistake small business owners make is not managing their social media properly by letting notifications go days without replying or checking on them. This app helps your stay on top of your notifications while you are on the go making sure your business is running properly.

Use Facebook Stories

Consumers want to know what your business is doing in the present. We have talked about how important it is that your company has a strong rapport, but it also needs to stay active. Use the Facebook business page app to post on stories and show consumers what you are working on in real-time. Each story will only last 24 hours, so you will want to update it daily.

To post on your story, go to your home business page. From there, click the plus button by your profile picture and then select create a story. This lets you use a photo or video from your camera roll or take one right then. You can add fun stickers or text. After that, hit next and select to post it on your public story.

Draft Post

Scheduling is always a high priority. If you are thinking about things today, then it is too late. An excellent tip for people on the go with many ideas is to create draft posts. By having posted in your drafts, you can view them from the app and post them when you are ready instantly.

Draft posts are useful if you are waiting for an event to be completed without a specific end time or are waiting for the outcome of something and want to have both options of a post ready without scheduling them. From the app, you select tools, post drafts, and all your draft posts will show up there. It is as easy as a few clicks.

Reply to Customers

Once again, responding to consumers promptly can be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing one. As you can see on your Facebook business page in desktop view on the right-hand side is a response time. This lets consumers know on average how quickly a business gets back to its customers.

Keeping your response times low by quickly responding lets consumers know that you are invested in answering their questions and gaining their business. By having the Facebook Page Manager app, you can reply to customers through the inbox in the middle of the options bar. With notifications, you will never miss a customer’s request.

Now that you have the basics on how to manage your Facebook business page on the go, start by downloading the app. You will log in with all your regular business page login information. After that, you are ready to make sure you can stay active and in touch on the go. Being a small business owner and working on your own marketing, all while managing the moving components, is challenging and can be time-consuming. By using these tips, it should make it a little easier. 

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