File Management: A Crucial Business Strategy

I bought my first laptop before learning the importance of file management. BIG. MISTAKE. I created files as needed or based on what I thought made sense at the time (which was never consistent). If it was a quick project, I threw it on my desktop, telling myself that I would file and organize it […]

Brand Identity for Beginners: A Starter or Refresher

Creating a brand identity that is clear and communicated can be instrumental in a company’s success. Of course, there are other things to take into account why some brands do well compared to others.

Facebook Business Page Tips & Tricks

Being a business owner often means you are on the go and do not always have your laptop open to your Facebook business page all day. Use these tips to make Facebook marketing easier.

The Power of Color in Graphic Design

Color in graphic design and branding are meaningful. The power of color is undeniable. Dive deeper into what your colors mean.

Draft Your Branding

We get the question a lot, is it marketing vs. branding? To start off, marketing and branding are two completely separate focuses of business strategy.

Draft Your Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags are cool and hip because all the kids are using them right? Wrong. They are valuable to your social media marketing plan.

Draft Your Social Media

Creating a social media platform to market to your clients is a tough task. Find out how social media can work for you and the steps to get there.

Draft Your Content Calendar Effectively

A content calendar is a vital organizational resource used to plan and assign content to be posted online through different platforms.

Newsletter Marketing: The Basics

This is a breakdown of the characteristics needed for a great newsletter marketing plan. You will see your open rate grow quickly with these tools.

Draft Your Marketing Schedules Today

Full understanding of your marketing schedules is crucial to the growth and development of your social media and business.

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