Newsletter Marketing: The Basics

Newsletter marketing and the value it holds in your business.

We are all flooded with tons of emails a day. Who takes the time to read every single one? Heck, who even takes the time to delete them all? That being said, what makes you think that anyone is going to read the newsletter you sent out? This is a breakdown of the characteristics needed for a great newsletter. By utilizing all of these tools to the fullest you will see your open rate grow with each newsletter that is sent out and avoid flooding your customers inboxes. 


Content rules the world of newsletter marketing and all marketing mediums. Do not push newsletters out without useful information in them. Make sure you have something to say and be knowledgeable about it. This is a newsletter featuring your company’s product or services, make it intentional. No one wants to read 3 pages, they want snippets so every word counts. 

Feature articles are great. They give customers an inside look and let them know you are people too. Product/service sales are a must add, this will let customers know that they can trust you to inform them about discounts. Seasonal changes affect a large amount of businesses, play into that. Write according to the season and what people need from you in it. Do not overload your customer with information. Give them enough that they will want to click and learn more. 2-3 different features that are well written are enough to get them hooked.


Statistics show that people are more likely to remember something when there is a memorable image to the topic attached. This is a great opportunity to showcase the quality work that you do! Phone cameras produce an amazing quality, get out and take photos of your services or product. Your newsletter marketing plan is nothing without images to go with it. 

The newsletter has to contain your logo. It is the number one thing that you want customers to associate with your business. From there, let people see what you do. Consumers on your email list that have never tried your products need to be assured of what they are getting. The proof is in the pudding, give your customers the proof.


Keep your title short and sweet. Do not go emoji crazy. Statistically one emoji attracts better results than 2 or no emojis. Give a teaser about what the newsletter is about. An example, when having a t-shirt sale you would say “A Sale Like No Other…😱”. It makes the customer want to see what the sale is whether it is t-shirts or coats. They might not be interested in a t-shirt, but because of curiosity attracting title, they are now looking and considering one.


The most commonly asked question: How often should I send out a newsletter? I wish there was a straight answer for this. Each industry and company is different. Do not solely base your decision off your competitors, you want to set yourself apart not just “keep up” with them. For new businesses, once a month to your general audience is plenty. After you have established that, go bi-weekly. From there you can add more and more to your newsletter marketing. Once there is a decrease in your open rate and response rate to newsletters, it is time to dial it back. Do not be the company that sends out endless annoying newsletters. Pay attention to your company’s results and sales needs.


Now that you have your newsletter marketing plan and your first newsletter drafted, who are you sending it to? When a new customer purchases a product, get their email address. Everyone has seen the pop-up on a site that asks you to enter your email for 10% off, that is very effective at growing your customer list. Make getting a customer’s email part of your regular sales routine. Whether to mail an invoice/receipt or to send them a quote. Go digital and start asking for emails as often as you do phone numbers. Your audience will have people who are genuinely interested in your products. It is tempting to purchase email list from third party vendors, but it will only increase your number of emails, not the quality of them.

Now that you have all the knowledge about newsletter marketing, it is time to send your first email. There are options, creating a newsletter from scratch or use one of the great services that are out there. Mailchimp is a highly ranked email marketing tool where you can drag and drop your custom newsletter and upload an audience to send it to. Do not let another moment go to waste in your business without capitalizing on newsletter marketing. 

Still need help? No problem, Draft Marketing will take your products and services to craft a newsletter that will drive people to you. Marketing is what we do, let us do it for you while you focus on your business.

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