Crosswinds Website Design

Crosswinds Counseling is a community mental health center providing a safe place to improve the mental wellness for people in all stages of their life.

Crosswinds Counseling was short of a conducive website which directed clients and colleagues alike to the needed and necessary resources they were in search for. After Draft Marketing’s website audit, Crosswinds gained a new and refreshed website revamped with an SEO algorithm which brought a more approachable website and user friendly interface.

Website Audit & Breakdown

Crisis Line

Help 24/7 would stay on the screen as you scroll so that wherever the viewer is throughout the site, help is only one click away.


We maintain the logo and header bar as you scroll down so that every page is easily accessible.


Breaking down their extensive services to each age group was crucial to allow every person to find a category to relate to.


Managing life can be a blurred task with an unclear result. At Crosswinds, they can clarify that goal and help you achieve a more joyfully balanced life.

Color Palette

Maintaining a light, inviting, and consistent color palette helps create a cohesive experience for the visitors. According to, the psychology behind the color teal specifically blend’s blue’s tranquil stability with green’s optimism creating a calming and trustworthy balance.

Widget Implementation

Before there was no way for clients to do an at-home assessment. We introduced a neat widget that lets the patients do an at-home pre-screening through implementation of this widget.

Location Optimization

Allowing locations to be visible and interactive, potential clients can hover over their closest location to review the contact information encouraging a scheduled appointment.

Branded Message

Branded messages are important so we highlighted the Crosswinds message here too relay to the clients the exact messages they stand for.

Testimonial Highlights

Carousel testimonials and keeping them updated is important so we implanted a more client and user friendly way to keep testimonials up-to-date. Actual people who successfully went through their process allows potential patiences to see the work Crosswinds Counseling provides truly impacts growth and success.

If you are in need of a wesbite audit, contact us today! We would love to help!

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