Search Engine Optimization: A Simple Breakdown

SEO stands for search engine optimization. What the heck does that mean? Search engine optimization is the basic foundation of a website that allows a company to be found on various search engines. All search engines have a specially designed algorithm that scans web pages to find the best fit for your personal search. This is why when you Google anything, you can find your answer on the first page of search results. As a business owner or marketing manager SEO should be a focus in your marketing strategy. It is complicated, so let me break it down.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you Google “What is SEO” there will be articles that pop up ,in order, that do not say ad under them. When it says ad underneath, then someone is paying for that article to be presented to you. Everything that does not have ad on it, is organically placed for you based on an algorithm that studies and ranks blogs and other web page articles. 

For this article’s purpose we will mainly be discussing SEO in the use of blog form. The most basic concept is that every company is putting out quality content related to their field. It is awesome to hear from experts, but how do you know what articles are actually helpful to your question? By allowing blogs to be structured and rank through the algorithms, the articles can now be shown to the correct people looking for them.

Why SEO?

Why does your small business need search engine optimization? You might have a small location or no location at all, but SEO is a marketing tool that will allow you to grow and reach your next goal. Small businesses have a lot to gain from local SEO efforts. If you are one of 3 companies in your area that do what you do and you are the only company practicing SEO marketing, you will outrank your competitors. By the time your business reaches a global scale, you will have established SEO that will compete with other large companies. It is not too late to start SEO marketing even if you are a large company. Over time your rank and status will grow in the search engine world.

How To Plan For Your SEO?

A huge misconception is that you cannot rank in search engines as a small business. That is not true. Businesses of all shapes and sizes that are producing quality content can and will rank for their company. A commonly asked question is “does it work instantly?”. No, SEO does not work instantly. Most articles need to be published about a topic 3-6 months before wanting to rank for them. That’s a long time in an instant world. In reality, businesses try to predict future sales and create marketing plans months to years in advance. Search engine optimization needs to be worked into your marketing plan the same way. Having established articles that were published before your peers will give the appearance of professional and cutting edge knowledge on the topic. 

Now that you have made the decision to participate in SEO blogging, take the time and do your research. There are a lot of online courses that you can take through places like Yoast SEO and more. Keyword research plays a large role. How do you know what people are searching for? Google Keyword Planner is a great start to plugging in words and short phrases about your product to learn more about users in your target areas searching habits. Based on keywords, you will write a blog focused on the topic of that keyword with quality content only.

What to Write About:

Having established articles that were published before your peers will give the appearance of professional and cutting edge knowledge on the topic. How do you produce this quality content? Knowledge and blog structuring play a large role in the algorithm. Write about topics you know. The algorithms change all the time. When writing your own blogs, please keep up with algorithm changes.

After that, you socialize the blogs by posting them on your business and personal social media accounts. This is putting it out in the world that you wrote a blog about information that you are an expert in.

Should You Outsource?

An example: When running a company, you have a top sales employee. You would not ask that employee to walk away from producing a large amount of short term profit and start writing SEO blogs, something they have never done? No. Trying to just get by producing mediocre content, because you do not have time to sit down, write, and structure a proper blog will only take up unproductive space on your website. Hire a professional is taking the first step into growing your SEO empire.

Do not produce blogs just to have them out there. The more quality content on your page the better.

Still Confused?

SEO is not easy. If you are still confused it is time to hire a company to provide these services for you. This is a marketing tool that will make or break your exposure compared to your competitors. Searchers who cannot find your business, cannot purchase your product or services. Draft marketing will gather your keywords and manage your blogging for you. Let the experts do what they do best while you continue to run your business.

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